8 chenille needle pack
Chenille/Silk Ribbon Embroidery Needles
Chenille needles are what you need for silk ribbon embroidery.  They have large eyes (like tapestry needles) - but they have very sharp points, allowing ribbons to be passed easily  through foundation fabrics and canvasses.  The pack below contains the range of sizes necessary for all silk ribbon embroidery
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Beading Needles

If you are wishing to use small seed beads  - you will need these beading needles.  They are fine enough to pass through the centre of goldwork wires and very fine beads.
Tapestry Needles No. 20

You will need tapestry needles if you are making spider roses.  Tapestry needles have nice fat eyes and dull points so that you can weave with silk ribbon, without accidentally snagging threads on the way
Goldwork Needles

Goldwork needles are fine enough to pass through the centre of 1mm goldwork bullion wires but also rigid enough to give you fine control over your work.  Their eyes are large enough to take a .02mm jewellery wire if  necessary.  Craftyattic goldwork needles are of the highest quality.
goldwork embroidery needles
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buy air erasable fabric pen
Air Erasable Pens - for quick projects
Air erasable pens that work on light or dark fabrics…  Marks made on fabrics by these pens will disappear between two and five days depending on atmospheric conditions.
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This pen is used on light and medium toned fabrics.  Comes with eraser at other end to speed things up if necessary
This pen is used on Dark  fabrics.

The chalk line will appear as the ink dries out - works on very dark natural fibres best.
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buy water and air erasable pen pack
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Solvy Dissolvable Foundation Fabric
This is a thin yet tough plastic fabric that will dissolve easily in water.  It is useful for a number of things and a little goes a long way.

It will allow you to stitch threads, wires and fibres to it and then later you can dissolve the fabric away leaving only the stitches and wires.  Especially useful for things like insect wings and lacy things.
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Silk Embroidery Ribbon Foundation - S.E.R.F.
Crafty Attic Silk Embroidery  Ribbon Foundation is stiff and coated and can be cut without fraying.  This foundation fabric makes it possible to create your silk ribbon embroidery and then cut it out and applique it onto projects that would otherwise be impossible.  For example, lampshades, furniture hats and shoes.  The open weave of this fabric makes it especially suitable for silk ribbon embroidery.

SERF comes in two stiffnesses - stiff is suitable for most applications and has a great deal of flexibility making it suitable for most applications.  Extra stiff is useful when making small items that you do not wish to bend that much (like brooches, cuffs, handbag interfactings and serviette rings). 
Cotton Open Weave Fabric
Tea Dyed

Crafty Attic Cotton Open Weave Fabric is a perfect base for silk ribbon embroidery. You  can do silk ribbon embroidery on any fabric, but if you are beginning or you wish to work on a plain background, this is perfect.  We offer a range of sizes according to your project purpose.
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Wooden Embroidery Hoops

15cm and 20cm Hoops with tension screws
buy wooden embroidery hoops with screw tensioners
S.E.R.F. Stiff
17'' x 9.5''  $4.50
17'' x 17''  $7.75
37.5'' x 17 ''  $13.00
37.5'' x 37.5 ''  $21.00